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About AA Queen's

AAQueens established on the true tale of the success of women, Sardar Laraib yaqoob. She experienced the hijab/burka as a shield for working women. AAQueens means Ajwa Ayat Queens. Every woman is an Islamic Queen. AAQueens brand gives women the empowerment to feel and look distinctive like a
queen. Burka leaves you with a sense of security and comfort. In order to deal with the world
with self-confidence, elegance and courage burka gives you a fearless attitude. As long as
you covered your body u have no weak points to target. AAQueens deliver you the style comfort and hijab at the same time.

AAQueens is the symbol of modesty and protection, it can hold significance in varying ways for different women. we offer full-length, robe-like outer garments that cover the whole body, including a long rectangular scarf, wrapped around the head and pinned in place at the shoulders usually
called a headscarf.AAQueens is the symbol of modesty, protection and class.AAQueens gives a unique identity, it keeps motivated youngsters from the start with its designs and colours. The brand is based on modesty and Muslim women’s identity. Keep AAQueens with you because you are worth it